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Texas Divorce Information and FAQ

On the petition of either party to a marriage, the court may grant a divorce without regard to fault if the marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities that destroys the legitimate ends of the marital relationship and prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation. 6.001

General Residency Rule for Divorce Suit A suit for divorce may not be maintained in this state unless at the time the suit is filed either the petitioner or the respondent has been:

(1) a domiciliary of this state for the preceding six-month period; and (2) a resident of the county in which the suit is filed for the preceding 90-day period.

Pleadings (a) A petition in a suit for dissolution of a marriage is sufficient without the necessity of specifying the underlying evidentiary facts if the petition alleges the grounds relied on substantially in the language of the statute. (b) Allegations of grounds for relief, matters of defense, or facts relied on for a temporary order that are stated in short and plain terms are not subject to special exceptions because of form or sufficiency.

(c) The court shall strike an allegation of evidentiary fact from the pleadings on the motion of a party or on the court's own motion. 6.402

Answer The respondent in a suit for dissolution of a marriage is not required to answer on oath or affirmation. 6.403 Waiver of Service (a) A party to a suit for the dissolution of a marriage may waive the issuance or service of process after the suit is filed by filing with the clerk of the court in which the suit is filed the waiver of the party acknowledging receipt of a copy of the filed petition. (b) The waiver must contain the mailing address of the party who executed the waiver.

(c) The waiver must be sworn but may not be sworn before an attorney in the suit.

(d) The Texas Rules of Civil Procedure do not apply to a waiver executed under this section. 6.4035


(b) The statement prescribed by Subsection (a) must be prominently displayed in boldfaced type or capital letters or be underlined and be signed by the party. (c) The statement prescribed by Subsection (a) is not required for:

(1) a pleading in which citation on all respondents entitled to service of citation is requested, issued, and given by publication;

(2) a motion or pleading that seeks a protective order as provided by Title 4; or

(3) a special appearance under Rule 120a, Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.

Return to top Service of Citation Citation on the filing of an original petition in a suit for dissolution of a marriage shall be issued and served as in other civil cases. Citation may also be served on any other person who has or who may assert an interest in the suit for dissolution of the marriage. 6.408 Citation by Publication (a) Citation in a suit for dissolution of a marriage may be by publication as in other civil cases, except that notice shall be published one time only.

(b) The notice shall be sufficient if given in substantially the following form: [see USLF divorce package]

... (d) If the citation is for a suit in which a parent-child relationship does not exist, service by publication may be completed by posting the citation at the courthouse door for seven days in the county in which the suit is filed.

(e) If the petitioner or the petitioner's attorney of record makes an oath that no child presently under 18 years of age was born or adopted by the spouses and that no appreciable amount of property was accumulated by the spouses during the marriage, the court may dispense with the appointment of an attorney ad litem. In a case in which citation was by publication, a statement of the evidence, approved and signed by the judge, shall be filed with the papers of the suit as a part of the record.

Waiting Period (a) The court may not grant a divorce before the 60th day after the date the suit was filed. A decree rendered in violation of this subsection is not subject to collateral attack.

(b) A waiting period is not required before a court may grant an annulment or declare a marriage void other than as required in civil cases generally. 6.702

Return to top Failure to Answer In a suit for divorce, the petition may not be taken as confessed if the respondent does not file an answer. 6.701 Jury In a suit for dissolution of a marriage, either party may demand a jury trial unless the action is a suit to annul an underage marriage under Section 6.101 or 6.102. 6.703

Testimony of Husband or Wife (a) In a suit for dissolution of a marriage, the husband and wife are competent witnesses for and against each other. A spouse may not be compelled to testify as to a matter that will incriminate the spouse.

(b) If the husband or wife testifies, the court or jury trying the case shall determine the credibility of the witness and the weight to be given the witness's testimony. 6.704

Return to top Change of Name (a) In a decree of divorce or annulment, the court shall change the name of a party specifically requesting the change to a name previously used by the party unless the court states in the decree a reason for denying the change of name. (b) The court may not deny a change of name solely to keep the last name of family members the same.

(c) A change of name does not release a person from liability incurred by the person under a previous name or defeat a right the person held under a previous name.

(d) A person whose name is changed under this section may apply for a change of name certificate from the clerk of the court as provided by Section 45.106. 6.706

Copy of Decree The clerk of the court shall mail a copy of the final decree of dissolution of a marriage to the party who waived service of process under Section 6.4035 by mailing the copy of the decree to the party at the mailing address contained in the waiver or to the office of the party's attorney of record. 6.710

Remarriage (a) Except as otherwise provided by this subchapter, neither party to a divorce may marry a third party before the 31st day after the date the divorce is decreed.

(b) The former spouses may marry each other at any time. 6.801

Spousal support/alimony Texas Courts have limited authority to order alimony after a divorce is granted. However, while your case is pending, the Court has unlimited authority to award temporary spousal support. The Court will consider the needs of the requesting spouse and the ability of the other spouse to pay. The Court will additionally consider the health and age of the parties, ability to work, responsibility for children, availability of funds, and the length of the marriage. As a general rule, spousal support will be ordered for a limited period of time and in an amount necessary to cover the basic necessities of life. To receive alimony after divorce, generally you must have been married for a period exceeding 10 years, and in certain situations, you may be qualified to receive up to $2,500 per month for a maximum of three years.

Property Distribution Texas is a so-called "equitable distribution" state. This means that the division of property and debts between the divorcing parties should be fair and equitable, but not necessarily equal. The court has wide discretion in dividing property.

Child Custody and Visitation In Texas, there is a rebuttable presumption that parents should serve as the Joint Managing Conservators of their children. In Texas, "Conservatorship" is "Custody" of the children. Joint Managing Conservatorship does not mean that each party will have the children one-half of the time. It also does not mean that child support will not be awarded to one parent. Joint Managing Conservatorship does mean that the parents will either share, allocate, or apportion parental rights and duties. In most cases, it also means that the child's domicile must be established in the final Court orders.

In the absence of extenuating circumstances, it is advisable for parents to work out appropriate custody arrangements rather than have strangers do it for them. A custody fight involves a great deal of time, commitment, and emotional and financial expense. In some instances, the child can be damaged more by the court action than the worst trait of the other parent. Further, you need to remember that your child's other parent will be a continuing part of your child's life and activities. It will be easier for your child if the child is kept out of the parents' conflict. This is not possible if a trial occurs. If you are able to reach an agreement, and make a commitment to work together to resolve disputes that may arise in the future, it is very probable that the child will be able to have both parents at the important events in the child's life.

Child Support The Texas Family Code contains guidelines for the computation of child support. The guidelines are specifically designed to apply to situations in which the obligor's monthly net resources are $6,000.00 or less. In such cases, the court presumptively applies the following schedule:

1 child ... 20% of Obligor's Net Resources 2 children ... 25% of Obligor's Net Resources 3 children ... 30% of Obligor's Net Resources 4 children ... 35% of Obligor's Net Resources 5 children ... 40% of Obligor's Net Resources 6+ children .. Not less than 40%

If the Obligor has children from another relationship, the percentages listed above may be reduced.

If the obligor's net resources exceed $6,000.00 per month, the Court shall presumptively apply the above percentages to the first $6,000.00 of net resources. Without further reference to the percentage, the court may order additional amounts of child support. The court may not order the obligor to pay more child support than the presumptive amount (as calculated by multiplying the above applicable percentage times $6,000.00) or an amount equal to 100% of the proven needs of the child, whichever is greater.

Net resources is defined very broadly, and income can also be imputed to a party.

In addition to monthly child support payments, the payor is required to maintain the children on the payor's employment health insurance policy. If insurance is not available through the payor's employment, but is available through the payee's employment, the payor will be ordered to pay the premium costs. If insurance is not available through either parties' employment, the payor will be ordered to provide insurance coverage to the extent available and affordable. Additionally, the Court usually makes orders regarding the payment of deductibles and other uninsured expenses. All Orders dealing with child support must now be accompanied by an Order of Withholding. This order, after presented to the payor's employer, has the Court-ordered child support deducted directly from the payor's paychecks.

Absent marriage or other acts which would emancipate the child, child support orders continue until the child reaches age 18. If the child is in high school at age 18, support continues until high school graduation. If the child is disabled, it may be possible to continue child support for an indefinite period. Texas law makes no provision for support during college, or the payment of college expenses. However, this can be done by a contract between the parties if an agreement can be reached on this issue.

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Chireno Chita Choice Chriesman Christine Christoval Church Hill Cibolo Circleville Cisco Cistern Citrus City City by the Sea Clairemont Clarendon Clark Clarks Clarksville Clarksville City Claude Clay Hill Clayton Claytonville Clear Creek Clear Lake City Clear Lake Shores Clearview Cleburne Clemville Cleveland Clifton Clint Clinton Clodine Cloverleaf Clutch City Clute Clyde Coahoma Cochran Cockrell Hill Coffee City Colaboz Coldspring Coleman College Hill College Station Collegeport Colleyville Collinsville Colmesneil Cologne Colorado City Colton Columbus Comanche Combes Combine Comby Comfort Commerce Como Comstock Concan Concepcion Concord Concrete Cone Connor Conroe Content Converse Cookville Coolidge Cooper Copano Village Copeville Coppell Copperas Cove Cordele Corinth Corley Cornett Corpus Christi Corpus Christi Army Depot Corpus Christi Naval Air Sta Corral City Corrigan Corsicana Cost Cotton Center Cotton Gin Cottonwood Cottonwood Shores Cotulla County Line Coupland Cove Cove Spring Covington Cox Coy City Coyanosa Crabb Crabbs Prairie Craft Craig Crandall Crane Cranfills Gap Crawford Crecy Creedmoor Crescent Crescent Heights Cresson Crews Crimcrest Crockett Crosby Crosbyton Cross Plains Cross Roads Crossroads Crowell Crowley Cruz Calle Crystal Beach Crystal City Cuero Cumby Cuney Cunningham Currie Curtis Curvitas Cushing Cut Cut and Shoot Cuthbert Cyclone Cypress Cypress Mill Da Costa Daffan Daingerfield Daisetta Dalby Springs Dale Dalhart Dallardsville Dallas Dalton Damon Danbury Danciger Danevang Danville Darco Darrouzett Davilla Davis Prairie Davisville Dawn Dawson Dayton De Berry De Kalb De Leon Deanville Decatur Decker Prairie Deer Park Del Rio Del Valle Delhi Dell City Delmita Delrose Denhawken Denison Denning Dennis Denny Denson Spring Denton Denver City Deport Derby Dermott Desdemona Desoto Dessau Detmold Detroit Devers Devine Dewalt Deweyville D'Hanis Dialville Diana Diboll Dickens Dickinson Dies Dike Dilley Dilworth Dime Box Dimmitt Dinero Dinsmore Dirgin Divot Doak Springs Dobbin Dodd City Dodge Dodson Dogwood Dogwood Acres Dogwood City Domino Donie Donna Doole Dorchester Doss Dot Dotson Double Oak Doucette Dougherty Douglass Douglassville Drasco Dreka Dreyer Driftwood Dripping Springs Driscoll Dryden Dubina Dublin Duffau Duke Dumas Duncanville Dundee Dunlay Dunn Durango Dyess Air Force Base Eagle Lake Eagle Pass Early Earth East Bernard East Columbia East Hamilton East Liberty East Mayfield East Mountain East Side East View Eastgate Eastland Easton Ebenezer Echo Echols Eckert Ecleto Ector Edcouch Eddy Eden Edgar Edge Edgewood Edgeworth Edinburg Edmonson Edna Edom Edroy Egypt El Campo El Cenizo El Centro El Gato El Indio El Jardin El Lago El Paso El Sauz El Toro Elbert Eldorado Eldorado AFS Electra Elevation Elgin Eliasville Elk Elkhart Ellinger Elm Grove Elm Mott Elmaton Elmendorf Elmo Elmwood Eloise Elroy Elsa Elwood Elysian Fields Emerald Bay Emilee Emmett Emory Encinal Encino Energy Engelman Engle Enloe Ennis Enoch Enochs Enterprise Eola Era Erin Escobares Escobas Estelline Estes Etoile Eula Eulalie Euless Eulogy Eustace Evadale Evant Evergreen Everitt Everman Ewell Ezzell Fabens Fair Oaks Fair Oaks Ranch Fair Play Fairchilds Fairdale Fairfield Fairmount Fairview Faker Falcon Falcon Heights Falcon Village Falfurrias Fallon Falls City Fannett Fannin Farmers Branch Farmersville Farnsworth Farrsville Farwell Fashing Fate Fayetteville Faysville Fedor Fentress Ferris Fieldton Fife Figridge Fincastle Fink Firm Cases Fischer Fisk Fitze Flat Flat Fork Flatonia Flatwood Flint Flo Flomot Florence Floresville Flowella Flower Mound Floy Floyd Floydada Fluvanna Flynn Follett Fondren Fords Corner Fordtran Forest Forest Glade Forest Hill Forest Hills Forestburg Forney Forreston Forsan Fort Bliss Fort Davis Fort Gates Fort Hancock Fort Hood Fort McKavett Fort Ringgold Fort Sam Houston Fort Stockton Fort Wolters Fort Worth Four Points Fowlerton Frame Switch Francitas Franklin Frankston Frankston Lake Fred Fredericksbg Fredericksburg Fredonia Freeport Freer Fresno Freyburg Friar Friday Friendship Friendswood Frio Town Friona Frisco Fritch Fronton Frost Fruitland Fruitvale Frydek Fulshear Fulton Fulton Beach Furney Richardson Fussel Gail Gainesville Galena Park Gallatin Galloway Galveston Ganado Gano Garceno Garciasville Garden City Garden Ridge Garden Valley Gardendale Garfield Garland Garrison Garth Garwood Gary Gary City Gatesville Gause Gay Hill Geneva George West Georgetown Gerald Geronimo Gholson Giddings Gilchrist Gill Gillett Gilmer Girard Girvin Gladewater Glaze City Glazier Glecker Glen Flora Glen Rose Glendale Glenn Heights Glidden Gober Godley Gold Golden Golden Acres Goldsboro Goldsmith Goldthwaite Goliad Golinda Gonzales Goober Hill Good Hope Good Springs Goodfellow Air Force Base Goodland Goodrich Goodville Gordon Gordonville Goree Gorman Gouldbusk Graceton Graford Graham Granbury Grand Bluff Grand Prairie Grand Saline Grandfalls Grandview Grange Hall Granger Grangerland Granite Shoals Granjeno Grapeland Grapevine Gray Grayburg Green Lake Greens Bayou Greenville Greenway Plaza Greenwood Gregg Greggton Gregory Grey Forest Grice Griffin Griffing Griffing Park Grigsby Grindstone Groesbeck Groom Grosvenor Groves Groveton Grulla Gruver Guadalupe Guajillo Guerra Gun Barrel City Gunter Gustine Guthrie Guy Guys Store Haid Hainesville Halbert Hale Center Hallettsville Hallsburg Hallsville Halsted Haltom City Hamby Hamilton Hamlin Hammond Hamon Hamshire Hankamer Hanson Happy Happy Valley Hardin Hare Hargill Harker Heights Harkeyville Harleton Harlingen Harmony Harper Harrisburg Harrold Hart Hartley Harvard Harwood Haskell Haslam Haslet Hasse Hatchel Haukanier Havana Hawkins Hawley Headsville Hearne Heath Hebbronville Hedley Hedwig Village Heidelberg Heidenheimer Heights Helmic Helotes Hemphill Hempstead Henderson Henkhaus Henly Henning Henrietta Henrys Chapel Hereford Hermleigh Hewitt Hext Hico Hidalgo Hidden Valley Hide A Way Lake Higgins High Hill High Island Highland Haven Highland Park Highland Village Highlands Hill Hill Country Village Hillcrest Hillister Hillje Hills Hillsboro Hilltop Lakes Hilshire Village Hitchcock Hoard Hobson Hochheim Hockley Hockley Mine Hodgson Holland Holliday Holly Lake Ranch Holly Springs Hollywood Park Holman Hondo Honey Grove Honey Island Hooks Hope Hopewell Horizon City Hornsby Bend Horseshoe Bay Horton Houston Houston Heights Howe Howellville Hoxie Hoyte Hubbard Hubert Hudson Bend Hudson Oaks Huffman Hufsmith Hughes Springs Hull Humble Hungerford Hunt Hunter Hunters Creek Village Huntington Huntsville Hurst Hurst Springs Hurstown Hutchins Hutto Huxley Hye Iago Iatan Idalou Impact Imperial Inadale Independence Indian Creek Indian Gap Indian Hill Indian Rock Indianola Industry Inez Ingleside Ingleside on the Bay Ingram Inks Lake Village Iola Iowa Colony Iowa Park Ira Iraan Iredell Ireland Irene Ironton Irving Isabel Island Italy Itasca Ivanhoe Iverson Izoro Jacinto City Jacksboro Jackson Jacksonville Jacobs Jamaica Beach James Jamestown Jarrell Jarvis College Jasper Jayton Jeddo Jefferson Jenkins Jericho Jermyn Jersey Village Jester Jewett Joaquin Johnson City Joinerville Joliet Jollyville Jonah Jones Creek Jones Prairie Jonesboro Jonestown Jonesville Joppa Jordans Store Josephine Joshua Josserand Jourdanton Judson Juliff Junction Justiceburg Justin Kamay Kamey Kane Karnack Karnes City Katemcy Katy Kaufman Kayare Keechi Keene Keller Keller Corner Kelly USA Kelsay Kelsey Kemah Kemp Kempner Kendalia Kendleton Kenedy Kenefick Kennard Kennedale Kennedy Shores Kenney Kent Kerens Kermit Kerrick Kerrville Kickapoo Kildare Kilgore Killeen Kimball Kimbro Kingsbury Kingsland Kingsville Kingsville Naval Air Station Kingwood Kinkler Kirby Kirbyville Kirk Kirkland Kirtley Kirvin Kittrell Kleberg Klein Klondike Knickerbocker Knippa Knott Knox City Knoxville Koerth Kohrville Kopperl Kosse Kountze Kovar Kress Krugerville Krum Kurten Kyle La Blanca La Casita La Coste La Feria La Gloria La Grange La Joya La Marque La Paloma La Porte La Pryor La Reforma La Salle La Tijera La Vernia La Villa La Ward Lackland Lackland Air Force Base Lacy Lacy Lakeview Ladonia Lafayette Lafkin Lago Vista Laguna Heights Laguna Park Laguna Vista Laird Hill Lajitas Lake Bridgeport Lake Brownwood Lake Cherokee Lake Creek Lake Dallas Lake Jackson Lake Jacksonville Lake Kiowa Lake Shore Lake Victor Lake Worth Lakehills Lakeland Lakeport Lakeside Lakeside City Lakeside Heights Lakeside Village Lakeview Lakeway Lakewood Lakewood Harbor Lakewood Village Lamar Lamar University Lamesa Lampasas Lanark Lancaster Landrum Lane City Lanely Laneport Laneville Langtry Lanham Lanier Lantana Laredo Larue Las Milpas Las Rusias Lasara Latch Latex Latexo Laughlin Air Force Base Laureles Lavernia Lavon Law Lawn Lazbuddie Leaday League City Leagueville Leakey Leander Leary Ledbetter Leedale Leesburg Leesville Lefors Leggett Leigh Lelia Lake Leming Lenorah Leo Leon Junction Leon Valley Leona Leonard Leroy Levelland Leveretts Chapel Levi Levita Lewisville Lexington Liberty Liberty City Liberty Hill Lilac Lillian Lily Island Lincoln Lindale Linden Lindenau Lindsay Lingleville Linn Linwood Lipan Lipscomb Lissie Littig Little Elm Little River-Academy Littlefield Live Oak Liverpool Livingston Llano Lochridge Lockhart Lockney Lodi Loebau Log Cabin Lohn Lolita Lomax Lometa London Lone Mountain Lone Oak Lone Star Long Branch Long Mott Long Point Longview Longview Heights Longworth Loop Lopeno Lopezville Loraine Lorena Lorenzo Los Angeles Los Coyotes Los Cuates Los Ebanos Los Fresnos Los Indios Los Saenz Lott Louise Lovelace Lovelady Loving Lowake Loyola Beach Lozano Lubbock Luckenback Lueders Lufkin Luling Lull Lumberton Lund Lyford Lynchburg Lyons Lytle Lytton Springs Mabank Macdona Mackay Macune Madero Madisonville Magnet Magnolia Magnolia Beach Magnolia Springs Mahomet Malakoff Malone Malta Manchaca Manda Manheim Manor Mansfield Manvel Maple Mapleton Marathon Marble Falls Marfa Marietta Marion Markham Marlin Marquez Marshall Marshall Ford Mart Martindale Martins Mills Martinsville Maryneal Mason Massey Lake Masterson Matador Matagorda Mathis Matinburg Mattox Maud Mauriceville Maurin Maxdale Maxwell May Maydelle Mayflower Maypearl Maysfield Mc Camey Mc Dade Mc Faddin Mc Gregor Mc Leod Mc Nary Mc Neil Mc Queeney McAdoo McAllen McBeth McCamey McCaulley McClanahan McColl McCoy McDade McFaddin McGregor McKinney McKnight McLean McLeod McMahan McNair McNair Village McNeil McQueeney Meador Grove Meadow Meadowlakes Medina Medina Lake Meeks Megargel Meldrum Melissa Melrose Melvin Memorial Park Memphis Menard Mendoza Menlow Mentone Mercedes Mereta Meridian Merit Merkel Mertens Mertzon Meskill Mesquite Mexia Meyersville Miami Mico Middleton Midfield Midkiff Midland Midline Midlothian Midway Milam Miland Milane Milano Mildland Miles Milford Millersview Millheim Millican Millsap Minden Mineola Mineral Mineral Wells Minerva Mings Chapel Mingus Mirando City Mission Mission Valley Missouri City Mixon Mobeetie Moffatt Monadale Monahans Monaville Monroe Monroe City Mont Mont Belvieu Montague Montague Village Montalba Monte Alto Montgomery Monthalia Montopolis Moody Moore Moore Station Moores Crossing Mooresville Morales Moran Moravia Morgan Morgan Mill Morgans Point Morris Ranch Morse Morton Moscow Mosheim Moss Bluff Moss Hill Moulton Mound Mound City Mount Calm Mount Enterprise Mount Lucas Mount Olive Mount Pleasant Mount Selman Mount Sharp Mount Sylvan Mount Union Mount Vernon Mountain Mountain City Mountain Home Mozelle Muenster Muldoon Muleshoe Mullin Mullins Prairie Mumford Munday Murchison Murphy Mustang Myra Nacogdoches Nada Nancy Naples Naruna Nash Nassau Bay Natalia Naval Air Station JRB Navarro Navarro Mills Navasota Nazareth Nechanitz Neches Nederland Needa Needville Nelsonville Nemo Nesbitt Neuville Nevada New Baden New Boston New Braunfels New Caney New Clarkson New Colony New Corn Hill New Deal New Diana New Harmony New Home New London New Mine New Mountain New Salem New Summerfield New Sweden New Taiton New Ulm New Waverly New York Newark Newby Newcastle Newport Newton Nickel Niederwald Nigton Nile Nix Nixon Noack Nocona Nogalus Nolan Nolanville Nome Noodle Noonday Nordheim Norias Normangee Normanna Normans Crossing Norse North Cedar North Cleveland North Houston North Prairie North Richland Hills North Vidor North Zulch Northcrest Northfield Norton Norwood Notrees Novice Novohrad Noxville Nursery Oak Forest Oak Grove Oak Hill Oak Leaf Oak Point Oakalla Oakhurst Oakland Oakville Oakwood Oatmeal O'Brien Ocee Odds Odell Odem Odessa Odonnell Oenaville Ofarrell Oglesby Oilton Ojuelas Oklaunion Old Boston Old Brazoria Old Glory Old Larissa Old London Old Mobeetie Old Moulton Old Ocean Old Round Rock Old Salem Old Union Olden Oletha Olivia Olmito Olmos Olmos Park Olney Olton Omaha Omen Onalaska Opelika Oquinn Orange Orange Grove Orangefield Orchard Ore City Orla Osage Oscar Otey Ottine Ovalo Overton Ovilla Oyster Creek Ozona Padre Island National Seasho Paducah Pagoda Paige Paint Rock Palacios Palava Palestine Palito Blanco Palm Village Palmer Palmhurst Palmview Palo Alto Palo Alto Battlefield Nation Palo Pinto Paluxy Pampa Pancake Pandora Panhandle Panna Maria Panola Panorama Village Pantego Panther Creek Papalote Paradise Paris Park Row Pasadena Patroon Pattison Patton Pattonville Pauls Store Pawelekville Pawnee Paxton Peacock Pear Ridge Pearl City Pearland Pearsall Peaster Pecan Gap Pecangrove Pecos Pedigo Peggy Pelham Pelican Bay Pendleton Penelope Penitas Pennington Penwell Peoria Pep Percilla Perezville Pernitas Point Perrin Perry Perryton Perryville Peters Petersburg Petersville Petrolia Petronila Petteway Pettibone Pettit Pettus Petty Pflugerville Pharr Phelps Phillips Pickton Pidcoke Pierce Pierces Chapel Pilot Knob Pilot Point Pine Pine Forest Pine Hill Pine Valley Pinehill Pinehurst Pineland Pinewood Piney Point Pioneer Town Pipe Creek Pirtle Pitner Junction Pittsburg Placedo Plains Plainview Plano Plantersville Pleak Pleasant Grove Pleasant Hill Pleasanton Pledger Pluck Plum Plum Grove Poesville Point Point Comfort Point Enterprise Point Venture Pointblank Pollok Ponder Pone Ponta Pontotoc Pony Poolville Porfirio Port Acres Port Alto Port Aransas Port Arthur Port Bolivar Port Isabel Port Lavaca Port Mansfield Port Neches Port O' Connor Port O'Connor Porter Porter Springs Portland Portway Acres Post Post Oak Postoak Poteet Poth Potosi Pottsboro Pottsville Powderly Powell Powell Point Poynor Praesel Praha Prairie Dell Prairie Grove Prairie Hill Prairie Lea Prairie View Premont Presidio Prestonwood Price Priddy Primera Primrose Princeton Pritchett Proctor Progreso Progreso Lakes Prosper Provident City Puerto Rico Pumphrey Purdon Purmela Pursley Putnam Pyote Pyron Quail Quanah Queen City Quemado Quinlan Quintana Quitaque Quitman Rabb Rabbs Rabbs Prairie Raccoon Bend Rachal Radium Rainbow Raisin Ralls Ramah Ramirez Ramona Ranchito Rancho Viejo Randolph Randolph Air Force Base Ranger Rangerville Rankin Ransom Canyon Ratcliff Ratibor Ravenna Rayburn Rayford Raymondville Raytown Raywood Reagan Realitos Recycle Red Gate Red Lake Red Oak Red Ranger Red River Army Depot Red Rock Redbank Redford Redlawn Redtown Redwater Reedville Reese Refuge Refugio Reklaw Relampago Reliance Reno Reynard Rhome Rhonesboro Ricardo Rice Rices Crossing Richards Richardson Richland Richland Hills Richland Springs Richmond Ridge Riesel Rincon Ringgold Rio Bravo Rio Frio Rio Grande Rio Grande City Rio Hondo Rio Medina Rio Rico Rio Vista Rios Rising Star River Oaks Riverside Riviera Riviera Beach Roanoke Roans Prairie Roaring Springs Robbins Robert Lee Robinson Robstown Roby Rochelle Rochester Rock Creek Rock Hill Rock Island Rockdale Rockland Rockport Rocksprings Rockwall Rockwood Rocky Branch Rocky Hill Roganville Rogers Rogers Hill Rogerslacy Rollingwood Rolls Roma Romayor Roosevelt Ropesville Rosanky Roscoe Rose City Rose Hill Rosebud Rosenberg Rosenthal Rosevine Rosewood Rosharon Rosita Ross Rosser Rosston Roswell Rotan Round Mountain Round Rock Round Rock Frontier Round Top Rowena Rowlett Roxton Royalty Royse City Royston Rudolph Rule Rumley Runaway Bay Runge Rusk Rutersville Rye Sabinal Sabine Sabine Pass Sachse Sacul Sadler Sagerton Saginaw Saint Hedwig Saint Jo Saint Louis Saint Paul Salado Salesville Salineno Salmon Salt Flat Saltillo Salty Sam Rayburn Samnorwood San Angelo San Antonio San Augustine San Benito San Carlos San Diego San Elizario San Felipe San Gabriel San Isidro San Jose San Juan San Juan Community San Leanna San Leon San Marcos San Patricio San Pedro San Perlita San Saba San Ygnacio Sand Hill Sanderson Sandia Sandoval Sandy Sandy Corner Sandy Creek Sandy Fork Sandy Point Sanford Sanger Sansom Park Santa Anna Santa Catarina Santa Cruz Santa Elena Santa Fe Santa Maria Santa Monica Santa Rosa Santo Saragosa Saratoga Sarco Sargent Sarita Saspamco Satin Satsuma Sattler Saturn Savoy Scallorn Schertz Schroeder Schulenburg Schwertner Scotland Scottsville Scroggins Scurry Seabrook Seadrift Seagoville Seagraves Sealy Seaton Seawillow Sebastian Sebastopol Security Segno Segovia Seguin Sejita Selma Selman City Seminole Seven Oaks Seven Pines Seven Points Seven Sisters Sexton Sexton City Seymour Shady Grove Shady Shores Shafter Shallowater Shamrock Shamrock Shores Shankleville Sharp Sharpstown Sharyland Shavano Park Sheffield Shelby Shelbyville Sheldon Shenandoah Shep Shepherd Sheppard Air Force Base Sheridan Sherman Sherwood Shiloh Shiner Shiro Shive Shoreacres Short Sidney Sierra Blanca Silas Siloam Silsbee Silver Silver City Silver Valley Silverton Simmonsville Simms Simonton Simsboro Sinclair City Singleton Sinton Sisterdale Skellytown Skidmore Slaton Slidell Slocum Smiley Smith Hill Smithland Smiths Bend Smithville Smyer Smyrna Snook Snow Hill Snyder Socorro Sodville Solms Somerset Somerville Sonora Sorters Soules Chapel Sour Lake South Bend South Elm South Houston South Padre Island South Plains South Purmela South San Pedro South Texarkana Southlake Southland Southmayd Southside Place Spade Spanish Camp Sparks Speaks Spearman Speegleville Spicewood Splendora Spofford Spring Spring Branch Spring Creek Spring Valley Springdale Springfield Springhill Springlake Springtown Sprinkle Spur Spurger Stafford Stairtown Stamford Stampede Stamps Stanton Staples Star Starrville Startzville Steeltown Steep Hollow Stellar Stephen Creek Stephenville Sterling City Stewards Mill Stewart Stewart Heights Stinnett Stith Stockdale Stockholm Stockman Stoneburg Stonewall Stormville Stowell Stratford Stratton Strawn Streeter Streetman String Prairie Structure Stuart Place Sublime Sudan Suffolk Sugar Land Sugar Valley Sullivan City Sulphur Bluff Sulphur Springs Summerfield Summerville Sumner Sun City Sundown Sunny Side Sunnyvale Sunray Sunrise Sunrise Beach Sunset Sunset Valley Surfside Beach Sutherland Springs Swan Sweeny Sweet Home Sweetwater Swinney Switch Swiss Alp Sycamore Sylvan Beach Sylvester Tabor Taft Tahoka Taiton Talco Talpa Tamega Tamina Tanglewood Tarkington Prairie Tarpley Tarrytown Tarzan Tatum Tavener Taylor Taylor Lake Village Teague Teaselville Tecula Tehuacana Telegraph Telephone Telferner Tell Temple Tenaha Tenneryville Tennessee Colony Tennyson Tenoka Terlingua Terrell Terrell Hills Terrys Chapel Terryville Texarkana Texas City Texline Texon Thayer The Colony The Woodlands Thedford Thelma Theon Thicket Thomas Thomaston Thompsons Thompsonville Thorndale Thornton Thrall Three Point Three Rivers Thrifty Throckmorton Tidwell Prairie Tiki Island Tilden Tilmon Timber Cove Timberlane Acres Timpson Tioga Tivoli Tivydale Tod Tokio Tolar Toledo Tom Bean Tomball Topsey Tornillo Tours Tow Town Bluff Toyah Toyahvale Trammells Travis Travis Heights Trent Trenton Trevat Tri Cities Trinidad Trinity Trophy Club Troup Trout Creek Troy Truscott Tuleta Tulia Turkey Turlington Turnertown Turney Tuscola Tuxedo Twitty Tye Tyler Tynan Type Uhland Umbarger Uncertain Union Union Chapel Union Hill Universal City University of Texas University Park Upton Utopia Uvalde Val Verde Valentine Valera Valle de Oro Valley Lodge Valley Mills Valley Spring Valley View Van Van Alstyne Van Horn Van Vleck Vance Vancourt Vanderbilt Vanderpool Vanetia Vattmanville Vaughan Vealmoor Vega Venus Verhalen Veribest Vernon Viboras Victoria Victory City Vidor Vienna Vigo Park Vilas Villa Cavazos Villa Nueva Village Village Mills Villareales Vinton Violet Virginia Point Voca Volente Von Ormy Voss Votaw Voth Waco Wadsworth Waelder Waka Wake Village Wakefield Walburg Waldeck Waldrip Walhalla Walkers Mill Wall Waller Wallis Wallisville Walnut Grove Walnut Springs Walton Ward Prairie Warda Wards Creek Waring Warlock Warren Warrenton Washington Waskom Wastella Watauga Water Valley Waterloo Waterman Waters Bluff Watson Watt Waxahachie Wayside WBAMC Weatherford Webberville Webster Weches Weedhaven Weesatche Weimar Weinert Weir Welch Welcome Wellborn Wellington Wellman Wells Weser Weslaco West West Columbia West End West Galveston West Lake Hills West Mineola West Orange West Payne West Point West Port Arthur West Tawakoni West Texas City West University Place Westbrook Westhoff Westlake Westminster Weston Westover Hills Westphalia Westville Westworth Village Wetmore Whaley Wharton Wheeler Wheelock White Deer White Hall White Oak White Rock White Settlement Whiteface Whitehouse Whitesboro Whitestone Whitewright Whitharral Whitney Whitsett Whitson Whitt Whon Wichita Falls Wickett Wied Wiergate Wiggins Wild Peach Village Wilderville Wildorado Wildwood Willamar Willis Willow City Willow Grove Willow Oak Willow Park Willow Springs Wills Point Wilmer Wilmeth Wilson Wimberley Winchester Windcrest Windom Windthorst Winfield Winfree Wingate Wink Winkler Winnie Winnsboro Winona Winslow Winters Witting Woden Wolfe City Wolfforth Womack Wood Springs Woodbranch Woodbury Woodcreek Woodlake Woodlawn Woods Woodsboro Woodson Woodville Woodway Woody Acres Wortham Worthing Wright City Wrightsboro Wylie Yancey Yantis Yard Yarrelton Yescas Yoakum Yorktown Young Youngsport Zabcikville Zapata Zavalla Zephyr Zipperlenville






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